Thursday, July 11, 2013

Announcing Our New DVD Seminar Series

For some time, a companion DVD seminar has been available for the book How to Lie with Charts. The book itself is available both as trade paperback and as ebook (Adobe PDF format). We also added a streaming version as part of the Amazon Video On Demand (VOD) service, making it possible to either rent viewing sessions or buy a download.

Now we’re announcing two new DVD seminars, both on topics related to this popular flagship book. Technical Analysis Basics explains how financial analysts interpret stock market charts to predict future trends and prices. Financial Proofreading hones in on how to make presentations come across as professional and even classy – by enforcing clarity and consistency (the absence of which will invite mistrust of your results).

Taken together with the charts book and its supporting material, we’re calling the series Pitfalls of Business Reporting. (Hope you like the idea – of avoiding them, that is.)
Find video previews, courseware details, and purchase links for all of these products, here.

10% discount available on some titles – only through these links.

Click through to get the codes.

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