Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's Next? How to Lie with 3D Charts and Replicas?

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Formlabs has recently started to ship its Form 1 (3-D Printers) that will revolutionize 3-D media. At $3,299 it's cheaper than any other desktop 3-D printers out there today.  This may translate into further advances in engineering, product custom design, and any field that deals with mockups or prototypes for presentations. So what’s next?  How to Lie with 3D Charts and Replicas? (Admittedly, it's a facetious question.)  Formlabs is facing some patent infringement lawsuits, but those don't seem to have anything to do with flaws in the "printouts." Do you think having models for presentations will someday be as obligatory as bringing your PowerPoint slides?

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  1. For presentation of manufacturing prototypes and architectural models, the answer is a decided yes. But for charts, I sincerely hope not. One advantage of the technology, though - you won't have to carry those models around. You could just print them onsite.