Sunday, June 2, 2013

Can the Average Person Make a Profit by Using Charts?

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Gerald’s seminar “Pitfalls of Financial Charting” in Atlanta on May 29, 2013 was a resounding SUCCESS all around with a huge turnout!  In this seminar, he shows how charts can be a highly effective tool in finding and analyzing patterns in charts for financial market technical analysis.  Do you think that the visualization of mathematics' tools of using charts may help the average person become adept in the stock market to make a profit?

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  1. Well, huge is a relative term but I will say they were enthusiastic. No one left and quite a few emigrated from the other seminars so that we had a larger crowd at the end than at the beginning. Always an encouraging sign.

    I'm no expert, simply imparting what I've learned about the topic through curious, self-directed research. But I would advise not to mix technical analysis with traditional fundamental analysis. Stick with the charts and the math, or fret about what the company is doing versus its competition. Don't look for reasons in the charts. You won't find them, or if you do you may be tempted to second-guess the technical indicators (also not advisable).